Meditation For Beginners

"Breathe....Its how we begin to let go of our anxiety, sorrow and grief" Cynthia Poole

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“Supporting Families In Crisis”


This 4 week course 1 1/2 hours each week, will teach you the various meditation techniques for beginners. Learn how to create Inner-peace and joy in your life.

Learn the basic techniques of meditation , practical tools for relaxation along with an introduction to the Chakras and the importance of breath, to help you develop your daily meditation practice until it becomes a life skill. Take the meditation challenge!

Using the various techniques of meditation, relaxation exercises along with breath and practiced once per day, even for ten minutes. You will soon find that the levels of joy and peace in daily life will rise and your levels of anxiety, anger and depression will lessen.


As Founding director of Awakening Heart, Cynthia promotes healthy growth and transformation to families in crisis.  It is her desire that all families be given the proper tools to aid them during those times of crisis to prevent trauma.  Cynthia teaches families practical, recovery-focused lessons and life skills.

Cynthia is a mother of four, stepmother of two and grandmother of four. Life experience, the sudden death of her son Joe, coupled with over 37 years of focused psychological research makes her an invaluable resource in the field of family training and coaching. “I certainly understand the challenges and blessings every family can experience. I do this work because in my day there wasn’t much offered for families in crisis, in school or otherwise. Two decades later, little has changed as families continue to struggle to find support and assistance.

Cynthia’s has blended her background in Nursing and Crisis intervention along with her experiences as a Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator, Family Crisis Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, making her an ideal resource to assist all families in crisis. Her passion and knowledge lies in providing assistance to families burdened by grieving, addiction and trauma.

When combating the demons of addiction and grieving Cynthia holds to the philosophy of “keeping the lighthouse lit”. She believes that the lighthouse of strength and compassion found in every parent’s heart must continually burn “so that our children can find their way back home when they are ready.” She further outlines this passion in My Name Is Addiction, a poem Cynthia penned that addresses her personal family struggles with addiction, trauma and grieving. Her poetic words seamlessly detail the many facets of addiction within the family unit.

Fee: Private: $250.00
Groups of 4 or more $50.00 per person

To connect with Cynthia Poole, please call 647-218-2676

Contact Cynthia Poole if you are interested in this course, either privately or in a group

Phone: 647-218-2676

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