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“Supporting Families In Crisis”



"A Return To Love"

"It isn't about what or who you have Loved, Its about how you spend those moments in between while Loving" Cynthia Poole

During this 2 hour event I begin by reading a poem I penned called "My Name Is Addiction" Next we review how we find Love in our daily lives and how the way we Love effects others. Together we create a Life Chart and review how these events help create who we become. I use my tools to show the difference between a full life and a closed life. We also discuss the two choices we have in life, Love and Fear. I take those two words and expand on the meanings they have, not only on the person but on everyone and every event in our lives. We also discuss Faith, Hope and Forgiveness. We learn what it means to speak from the heart so that we can hear and be heard. We look at how the human brain works and discuss how important our thoughts really are. Then in the end we look at how we can let go of our Pain and the Sorrow and get reacquainted with our loving self. [MORE INFO]


The 3 Massive Mistakes Parents Make when Children are in Crisis

"It isn't about what or who you have Loved, Its about how you spend those moments in between while Loving" Cynthia Poole

During this event I begin with a poem I penned called "My Name Is Addiction" Next we review the 3 L's in our life. We look at the human body and learn why we react to crisis the way we do. Then together we look at how to begin the healing within the family and bring more Laughter and Joy back into the family unit. We will discuss the importance of Faith, Hope and Forgiveness and discover the meaning of "Speaking from the heart" This is life changing workshop where you will learn new and exciting ways to communicate with your children, spouse and yourself. [MORE INFO]



Keeping the Lighthouse Lit

"It isn't about what or who you have Loved, Its about how you spend those moments in between while Loving" Cynthia Poole

During this event I begin with a poem I penned called "The Lighthouse within" This workshop is specifically designed for parents who have children in crisis. We look at how society responds when our sensitive children don't fit in to the status quo. We look at how it affects our children as well as the family unit. Too often I see Mothers take on the pain and sorrow of their children and I hear them say " I don't want my child to suffer, I want to protect them and shelter them from the pain" unfortunately this come at the cost of the other family members. It is important to understand when a parent becomes obsessed with helping the child and doesn't take care of themselves everyone suffers. It is very important to take control of your life and deal with your Pain and your Sorrow and your Fears so you can be present for the family as a whole. ADD, ADHD, Autism, Bullies, Special Needs, These are all labels given to our sensitive children that don't fit in to what society deems as normal. So often I have watched and listened as the Mothers develop Cancers, Heart problems, and develop alcohol and substance and become ill from the stress of parenting this special children. [MORE INFO]



Meditation for Beginners

"Breathe....Its how we begin to let go of our anxiety, sorrow and grief" Cynthia Poole

This 4 week course 1 1/2 hours each week, will teach you the various meditation techniques for beginners. Learn how to create Inner-peace and joy in your life.

Learn the basic techniques of meditation , practical tools for relaxation along with an introduction to the Chakras and the importance of breath, to help you develop your daily meditation practice until it becomes a life skill. Take the meditation challenge!

Using the various techniques of meditation, relaxation exercises along with breath and practiced once per day, even for ten minutes. You will soon find that the levels of joy and peace in daily life will rise and your levels of anxiety, anger and depression will lessen. [MORE INFO]



Everything is Energy

"Everything's energy including you" Cynthia Poole

This is a 2 1/2 hour workshop where the participants will learn the meaning of energy and what it means to run someone else's energy. We will talk about energetic cording and I will demonstrate techniques for cutting and dissolving energetic cords. The participants will learn grounding techniques and be introduced to the Chakra system and taken into a meditation to clear and balance the Chakra's.

Everything in life is energy and this program will assist you in creating a more balanced and harmonious life. [MORE INFO]



Finding Your Inner-voice

"Listen to the voice of your heart, that's where your truth lives" Cynthia Poole

Within every person is a wise inner voice. During this 2 1/2 hour workshop the participants will learn to tap into their inner voice where they can find answers from a new perspective. They will learn the difference between the mind speaking and their inner voice speaking. Participants will learn techniques to connect to their inner voice and learn to discern when they are connected.
Discover how your life is transformed when you begin to listen to the guidance from within.


Benefits of connecting with your inner voice:

  • Brings You a calmness to your life
  • Connects you to your spirituality
  • Gives you a balanced perspective
  • Provides answers from a divine perspective


Creating Harmony and Balance As a Care Giver

"If we don't learn to care for ourselves first, then what are we giving to others" Cynthia Poole

This course provides specific tools and techniques for people who are caring for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of others from an energetic perspective.  The focus is on learning how to work with energy while giving loving care.  The goal is to learn to create an atmosphere of balance and harmony by understanding how energy works.  The end result is a sense of tranquility at the end of the day versus feeling drained and unbalanced. You will learn how to create harmony within. [READ MORE]

Understanding The Movie Of Your Life

“Until we understand that we write the story of our life,we won’t can change it” Cynthia Poole

This is a 2 1/2 hour workshop where you are taken into the movie of your life.  You will begin to understand why you think the way you do and how the people in your life play a role in the story you tell about yourself.Join Cynthia Poole and discover how you really are in control of every aspect of your life. As the director of your movie you will learn how to make the changes needed to have the life you want to live. [READ MORE]