Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Certification Workshop


Trauma Reduction Certification Workshops

Cynthia Poole, TIRT, LSR



Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) CertificationWorkshop

28 Contact Hours

Woodbridge Ontario

Attention: Social workers, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, Clergy, Spiritual Coaches

Hospice Volunteers, Grief counselors, Nursing professionals, Mental Health professionals,

Life Coaches, Teachers, Social Service Workers

Are you looking for highly successful and very effective tools that are easy to learn in a very short amount of time?

Look no further…learning TIR can assist you in helping those suffering from PTSD, childbirth trauma, burnout, job loss, depression, grief and dying (including pets) parenting difficulties, rape survivor, cancer patients, teen difficulties and so much more.

This TIR workshop covers:

The nature of Trauma and the consequences of traumatic incidents.

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) a technique used to address incidents we know have happened; a car accident, the painful end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, a combat-related incident and so much more. This technique is used on a past traumatic incident, until all of the force, pain and resistance is gone and we reach an end point.

Thematic Incident Reduction a technique used to address unwanted feelings, emotions, sensations, attitudes and pains (themes) without necessarily being aware of what incidents underlie them. Then by using the common “theme or feeling” to trace through a number of incidents until the force and resistance is reduced from all of them and an end point occurs.

Unblocking, a technique that is highly useful in preparing a client for TIR and for handling issues that are not directly trauma-related relationships.  Unblocking can be applied to broad areas of life (e.g. your self-esteem, your career, your relationships with spouse, friends, family members, etc.

And So Much More

This workshop is appropriate for anyone with a passion for helping people.

 No degree is required to take this course.

Traumatic Incident Reduction Certification Workshop

Trainer:  Cynthia Poole TIR Trainer, Certified LSRF

Phone 647-218-2676   Email:

Registration Fee: 1,500/person (Includes manual and GST)

Early Registration Fee: $1,300.00

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Workshop Objectives and Outline:

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