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“Supporting Families In Crisis”

Cynthia is an international Speaker,Teacher and Poet. Her exceptional gifts and great sense of humour along with her personal insight makes Cynthia a dynamic energizing presenter. Cynthia focuses on the new mindsets and solutions required in today's "why is this happening to me now" in our constantly changing lives. "It isn't about what or who you have Loved, It's about how you spend the moments in between while Loving" This is something Cynthia believes we must look at. It's time to let go of our pain and sorrow and get reacquainted with our loving self.

How would your life look and feel if you had the courage and strength to let go of your fears and your pain around the death of a child or your child's addiction, your families addictions, your own addictions? How would your relationships change if you were supported and had the information you needed to form clear and healthy boundaries in your life. What would it feel like not to be concerned about what others thought about you as a parent, a woman, a man, a family? Cynthia has spent many years working in this area of living. She has overcome her own fears and pain in life and knows too well the feeling of being judged. "This is something we have all done and experienced in life." Cynthia brings her expertise in the area of Family crisis work along with her sense of humour to take you on a journey of self discovery to find the path to peace and joy.

Being a parent and having to deal with the judgement of the school system and with, society in general when you have a child or children who are sensitive and don't fit into the system currently in place, problems arise. Trying to understand why your child acts out while coping with the pressure to put your child on drugs to calm them so they can fit in, is not a easy thing to come to grips with. Dealing with parents who don't want their children to be around your child causes isolation and depression for your child and your family. If you have a teen who has alcohol and or substance abuse issues, it becomes difficult to understand how to reach out in a healthy way and encourage your child and yourself to deal with the pain and the fears that have often caused these disorders or were caused by these disorders.

As a professional speaker Cynthia can design and present programs to educate and bring hope to the family unit as a whole. I have had the privilege to witness many men and women discover the truth about themselves and begin the process of freeing themselves from their pain and their fears so they could heal and discover joy and peace while working through some very chaotic times with their loved ones.

I share my life story and accomplishments with you because I have come to realize it really does take a school, a city, a town, a community a country to raise a child. We need each other more than ever during these changing times. We need each other more than ever when we are in Pain and Fear. Together we can overcome anything. Cynthia has beautifully penned her poems called My Name is Addiction and The Lighthouse Within to share with you her life struggles to save her children from pain and fear and to discover and heal her own pain and fear during the process.

Cynthia is considered an expert when it comes to meeting the challenges of addiction. I am a better Mother and I am a better Wife and Friend because I have the courage to look at my pain and my fears and with the right support so will you.


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