My Name Is Addiction

My Name Is Addiction


I get invited into your home just to have some fun
Beginning on weekends, special occasions, parties and trips, you know the ones

Then you’ll invite me mid week or maybe more and if anyone complains about us , we’ll simply go out to score

You and I will continue to have many good times, I will help you relax, laugh and cry, forget about your past and everything else on your mind

I will help you say and do things you could never before you’ll feel strong and powerful and enlightened at times and you’ll notice your friends are also mine

I don’t discriminate I know lots of people just like you and they live in your country your city your town and even go to your school with you

I hang with your neighbours and friends it’s true, the rich and the poor, boys and girls, men and women , mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas,
teachers and judges, doctors and nurses, mechanics and bankers, presidents, politicians and store clerks
You get what i mean, we are quite a close bunch, and no one talks about me
I can come to you in many different forms I want to meet your every need

You can think me, speak me, eat me, drink me, smoke me, snort me, roll me, watch me, play me, inject me, hold me, read me, have sex with me,
buy me, sell me, work in your jobs with me, you’ll even obsess over various diagnosis for me

I can and will easily adjust to fit all your needs and give my full attention to you

But there is something I must ask in return
You will lie for me, steal for me, commit crimes for me, fight for me, prostitute your self for me and stay away from everyone who doesn’t like me
And of course protect and defend me

You will now blame everything on everyone else but never, ever, will you totally blame me

You will try to convince everyone that you are alright and you’ll think that your in control

Then you and I will get closer my friend remember you chose me and you won’t need those who don’t support

Many will try to tear us apart, they will threaten you, scare you, cry, yell, scream and call you names they will even write letters of love to you and ask you to choose between them and me
Then when you say no you like it with me

They will ask you to leave their homes, not answer you calls and stop all financial support; they will no longer support any of your needs and you will turn away from them
and walk away with me

Now if by chance we are torn apart, you will think about me day and night, you’ll miss me my friend this is true and then you will go into shock because I’m not with you

You’ll feel and remember all the pain and your worries and fears will return, then you’ll vomit and shake, feel itchy have diarrhea and cry, have nightmares, hear voices see visions, have sweats and I will make you believe that without me you will loose your mind and die

I am the only one who understands you now and you will follow me. I am your truth your light and your way , your God, I’m your new family

There’s no need for cleanliness, brushing your teeth, taking a bath or washing your hair, you’ll notice scabs and sores on your body but my friend you’ll see
you won’t care

You’ll loose your appetite unless I’m around, look skinny and gaunt lose some teeth and maybe even bleed out

Forget about your morals I guide your way now

Remember you said good-bye to your family and friends and your jobs, you sold off your stuff and you think that they were the cause

You now believe there is no way out and the anger that you feel now permeates your heart

You chose to walk with me my friend, I will take care of you and accept you as you are right to the end

It’s time to slowly take your light, relax, it’s hard to speak, your body is getting weak and your organs are shutting down

Your death is near and you’ll believe thats what you want

You belong to me now, we sure did have fun but those days my friend, are long gone

I got what I came for and there’s not much left except the pain your fears your worries and your regrets

The truth, they never really left but I kept you busy and your mind confused, I did everything I could because I wanted control of you

Your family and friends will come to you now and what they find left of you in the end they will bury in the ground

 © Cynthia Poole 2013

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