Always Loving You

Always Loving You


My heart is filled with sorrow and grief

For I can’t find the words to help

You are so lost and the drugs so strong

That I can’t penetrate that fog

The words I say are the words you don’t want

And they anger you with disbelief

And the things you say to hurt me deep

I must remember that it’s the drugs

That make you so weak

I know that you love me

But don’t understand

Why I can’t see you anymore

This dark life that you live

Has filled you with hate

But its fear that had kept you there for sure

I talk of the loving support I can give

But only if you choose

But the hate and confusion only surfaced again

And you hang up and pretend were through

But a Mothers Love is very strong

And this my son is true

Although I cant see you at this time

Know my thoughts are never far behind

Always loving you

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