My Journey

When I began this journey many years ago, my life was filled with stress. I knew I needed to learn to relax! I was fortunate to connect with Sandra Couts from Milton Ontario. It was with her that I learned the importance of Breathing, and over the next two years studied and practiced a technique call Full Wave Breathing. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

I needed to change my life and incorporate new habits. I needed more Oxygen in my body. I was oxygen deprived and just like many of you, I didn’t know where to begin.
Did you know that stress, grieving, sorrow, hate, being unhappy in you jobs and more, causes disease. It creates a perfect breading ground for disease to grow. Stress will lower your immune system, cause Heart disease IBS, Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Headaches, Depression and Anxiety, Stomach problems, Cancers to name a few.

I have a background in Nursing and I knew and understood this at some level but I really didn’t understand it could happen to me. I knew I had to break the Fight or Flight pattern I was in before I became ill. I had 4 young boys at the time and my life was out of control. Breathing saved my life…..By practicing I increased the oxygen in my body and that meant more oxygen in my brain and I began to think clearer and feel better. I could deal with the stresses more easily and I began to learn and study more techniques to relax and I began bringing more PEACE into my life. I didn’t get to that stage in my life over night….It has taken me years to let go of old patterns and embrace new healthy patterns in my life. I now incorporate, breathing techniques Meditation, Body relaxation techniques, exercise, Traumatic Incident Reduction {TIR} Reiki, Healthy eating, Music and so much more.
Today I am much healthier and vibrant than ever. I have more energy, I feel younger and I think I look younger too. Letting go of Stress is the Fountain of Youth we are all looking for.

Below are a few links of different kinds of Breathing and Relaxation Techniques. If you know of an others send me a link and I will add it to the site.
Begin Letting Go Today so that YOU Can Let More Love and Peace Into YOUR Life!

Breathing Techniques

Full Wave Breathing: Dr. Tom Goode ( insert FWB instructions and Dr. Toms you tube Video) Sandra Couts!full-wave-breathing/c16hj
Dr. Weil:
Stress Relief in 10 min. or less:

Meditation Techniques

I would call my self a Meditator, I Meditate daily. I think there are many misconceptions as to what meditation is and how to do it. Sometimes I sit to quiet my mind but it takes practice, I started out with 5 min. a day and worked my way up from there. It is important that you let this practice be EASY not Stressful. Sometimes I simply walk in the forest or on the streets and just let my mind quiet that way {Walking Meditation} Other ways I practice, Washing the Dishes, being mindful and focused. Sitting in front of a fire or candle and simply looking into the flame. Reading a book, Listening to music or guided meditations, Prayer, Stretching and connecting to each part of your body. There are so many ways to Meditate and with practice you will find the perfect one for you. The benefits of meditation are many; Reduces anxiety, Builds Self confidence, Increases your serotonin production which affects your mood and behavior, low levels cause depression, anxiety, insomnia and more.

Mindful Meditation:
Focused Meditation:
Walking Meditation:

Body Relaxation Techniques

Body Relaxation:


Here is a great start to total body wellness, Discuss this with your Doctor and show them the techniques you are wanting to incorporate into your life.

REMEMBER…Take your time, Be patient