Full Wave Breathing

Full Wave Breathing Changed My Life!!!!


FULL WAVE BREATHING™ designed by the founders of the International Breath Institute, Dr.’s Tom and Caron Goode is a simple yet unique method of breathing that brings more oxygen to all parts of your body. This effective technique has been used by thousands of people with amazing results of improved health and increased energy.

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Common results from practising Full Wave Breathing deep breath art

  • More energy
  • A deeper connection with your spiritual self
  • A better understanding of what you want in your life
  • A way to live your life with positive thoughts and supportive beliefs
  • An expanded consciousness
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional stability



Full Wave Breathing is a natural, drug-free, and dramatically effective way to experience health, joy and aliveness that mobilizes and supports your progression toward balance and wholeness. It is a method which accelerates and complements modern healthcare and treatment practices. Use it to inspire yourself so you can inspire others!


Full Wave Breathing Summarized

The Single Most Important Exercise is Full Wave Breathing

There are 3 Steps, simple as A B C: Abdomen, Belly, and Chest. First, breathe into the lower abdomen and keep your focus there until you can comfortably fill and relax that area of the body. Use your muscles to expand your lower abdomen, beginning at the top or your pubic bone. Second, after filling the abdomen (A) shift your focus to your entire belly (B) or midsection, stretching and distending your diaphragm and ribs as you inhale. Relax everything as you exhale. Use your muscles to push out the lower abdomen, then expand the area just above.

Third, filling A & B, shift your focus to your chest (C) and above. Having expanded the lower portions of the body, stretch up into the chest and back. Make all of your physical movements gentle and slow. All themovement to become very subtle and gentle as you alternately inhale and exhale without pause.

You may find it more comfortable to begin with distinct movements of your body. Allow the process to become like a dance of movement from bottom to top, top to bottom. Later, allow your body to remain completely relaxed as you visualize the movement of energy through you.

Repeat often for the most dramatic results. For more detailed instruction, read below:


Step One of Full Wave Breathing

Place one hand on the abdomen below the navel and the other on the chest. As you inhale, hold the chest still; allowing the abdomen to expand as if you is filling a balloon. Stretch and extend the lower belly. Relax completely into an inhale at the point where the abdomen is distended fully and the lungs are filled. After exhaling, inhale immediately. The chest does not move at all.


Continue breathing with no pause between inhales and exhale. All of the emphasis is upon your inhale. The exhale is a release of the tension created during your inhale. So you will Inhale and relax…inhale…and relax. Continue as you read this instruction to see how simple it is to perform. Breathe through your nose or mouth as you desire. You increase oxygenation by over 50% when you breathe through your mouth because of the normal restriction in nostril breathing.


Close your eyes as you are breathing and then relax for a few minutes when you are done. Allow your breathing to normalize before continuing with your activities. You may perform this exercise while sitting at the computer, riding in the car, or even watching television. Start practicing this exercise today and you’ll be pleased with your result!

To help you stay focused on your breathing, place a book or weighted bag on your lower abdomen when lying down and performing the exercise. If you are sitting, to keep your spine erect, imagine that a rope is attached to the middle of your head. The rope rises into the air. In your imagination, allow the rope to gently lift you up until your spine is erect. Sit straight, be open, and breathe.


Step Two of Full Wave Breathing

Continue breathing with no pause between inhales and exhale. Inhale and Relax…Inhale…and Relax.

Count 1 as you inhale and expand your lower abdomen in Step One. Count 2 as you lengthen your inhale and push out the middle of your torso at the solar plexus. Release tension and allow the body to exhale and repeat. Perform this exercise anytime to relax. Do not perform connected breathing when driving or operating machinery.

When lying down, place a pillow under your knees, not under your neck. When sitting, allow yourself to stretch and open your spine as you sit and breathe.

Close your eyes as you breathe and then relax for a few minutes when you are done. Allow your breathing to normalize and return to your tasks.


Step Three of Full Wave Breathing

Continue breathing with no pause between inhales and exhale. Inhale and relax…Inhale…and relax.

Count 1 as you inhale and push out your lower abdomen. Count 2 as you raise the breath and energetic focus to your solar plexus. Count 3 as you move your breath and muscular focus up into your chest, stretching your intercostal muscles, shoulders and back of the neck. Relax completely when you exhale, allowing the muscles to soften. There is no effort or tension involved in your exhale.

Close your eyes as you breathe and then relax for a few minutes when you are done. Allow your breathing to normalize before continuing with your activities. Perform this exercise anytime you are sitting passively to provide a quick and effective energy boost and relaxation.

Keep your spine straight if sitting and allow to your body to move as you breathe and relax. Feel the wave of inhale as air enters your body and the wave of exhale as it leaves. Increase the volume of air and pace of breathing and feel how it affects your experience.

Since resolving stress at the cellular level is below our awareness, there are times when the breathing is accompanied by laughing or crying as old chemistry breaks up. Simply keep breathing! Allow your body any movement that arises and remember to relax fully when you exhale, softening all your muscles. Continue breathing at your own pace, deeply and fully.

Maintain your own pace and be willing to experiment. Your pace will normally change from day to day and during a session of Full Wave Breathing. Playing music as you breathe helps keep you focused in a gentle rhythm. The Cosmic Waltz, offered by Inspired Living, is the best I know of for this purpose. It focuses on the heart center and expands relaxation throughout the body.