The Lighthouse Within [POEM]

“The Lighthouse Within”

Oh sweet child of mine, when life seems to tear us apart
Know my lighthouse is always on for it lives within my heart
When anger and fear keep you away and you are in darkness and feel alone
Call to my light, I will be there for you, just trust me to safely guide you home
I am the keeper of this ever lasting light
I nourish it with my thoughts and words
I must protect it at any cost, it’s my purpose as a parent or you’ll be lost
You may feel at times that I don’t love you, because I have boundaries and rules
But they are needed or my light won’t work, this is my truth
This lighthouse of mine sits deep in my heart and I must protect it from the winds and the storms
For you see my child if my light goes out you won’t find me when you want to come home
Your free to go and live your life, it’s your journey, it’s your truth
I know you are angry and you are scared and I know you feel confused
Just know that my love for you keeps my lighthouse lit
I must take care of it and keep it strong
So go and do what you need to do
I will patiently await your return

Cynthia Poole 2014

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