365 Days of Happiness And You Can Have It Too

Today I chose to Smile

June 8, 2018

How was your first day? What did you notice about peoples reactions? How did you feel while smiling at strangers? Did strangers say anything to you?
This is a beautiful way to open up to complete strangers, now try it on your families and friends and watch the magic.

Did you know that when you smile you actually send a message to the brain that releases our Happy endorphins, I call them my “Cheerleaders” Some people say its the bodies natural pain medication. When we smile we release the endorphins and by doing that we reduce the stress hormone called cortisol so any negative feelings are reduced.

Its time for us to pay attention to how much we smile. I actually have the word SMILE on my steering wheel so every time I get in my car I smile, every time I look down at the steering wheel I smile. We need to find ways to remind ourselves to smile because it actually makes us happier.
Remember as smart as you think your brain is…It really doesn’t know the difference between a genuine smile and a fake smile. So I say “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” Now watch your days get happier!

Reminds me to smile every day.
Reminds me to smile every day.

Today I choose to be Happy

#2 Today I will smile at a complete stranger. Did they look at you and smile back? Did they say anything to you? Pay attention to how you feel while smiling at a complete stranger.

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